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Coming from Niagara Falls, to by-pass Toronto, you take the Q.E. Way to Hwy. 427N, then right to the 401 E. Continue on the 401 E to Napanee and turn north on Hwy. 41, through Kaladar and Northbrook, then turn right on Hwy. 506. At Myer's Cave, turn right onto Myers Cave Road, towards Aragain.

Coming from Ivy Lea Bridge, follow Hwy. 401 W to Napanee and take Hwy. 41 N. Then as above.

Distances to Aragain Lodge from:

Thousand Islands (Ivy Lea Bridge)
98 miles
157.7 km
177 miles
284.8 km
Buffalo, N.Y.
289 miles
465.1 km
Harrisburg, PA
440 miles
708 km
Cleveland, Ohio
480 miles
772.4 km

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